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Trigger Points, what they are and how to be rid of them.

1) What are “Trigger Points”?? In short, they are painful areas found in tight muscle bands. 2) How does one take care of Trigger Points? They can be massaged by a skilled therapist and also self-treatment is highly recommended. For further information, check out this well done video by


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Triathlon Training


Labor Day weekend, I put some work into my neglected Cannondale road bike. After getting equipped with new cables & handlebar wrap from Bryan Stone at the local Cycle Sports Shop, my bike is ready to ride. Anxious to test it out on the road, I  awoke early and headed out to Pensacola Beach.

At the beach each Sunday, Tri Gulf Coast has a triathlon training group, the Mere Mortals. At Quiet-Water Beach I was able to see about 35 people swim training around buoys while kayak mounted lifeguards held watch. It was a pleasure to meet a few of these extremely dedicated people, those training and also those providing support. If I can get some strong swimming experience I will do the Pensacola Beach Sprint Triathlon on May 16, 2015.

I hope your Labor Day was full of love and great experiences. Seize your dream!


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2013 Labor Reports for Massage Therapy in the U.S.



Check out these interesting stats and interactive U.S. maps at the Bureau of Labor and website.

The job description of massage therapists, according to BLS:

“Massage therapists perform therapeutic massages of soft tissues and joints. (Massage therapist) May assist in the assessment of range of motion and muscle strength, or propose client therapy plans.”

The National poverty line is at $32k, and the northwest Florida average is roughly 41k. Comparatively speaking, massage therapists in the Pensacola, FL area can make a surprisingly ok wage. Although higher density and more affluent population areas in the states showed higher wages, I speculate the cost of living in these areas are relatively higher to boot.

Coincidentally, the Studer Institute , Sunday morning released the Pensacola Metro Report. This local initiative group does an annual analysis on the local economy, community, government and education compiled from local and national data. “We can’t improve on what we do not measure.”

Seeing these maps, I anticipate a bright future for massage therapy. As more and more consumers experience professional massage and find it to be a safe and low-cost intervention for muscular and joint pain, the demand for massage therapy will continue to rise.

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One of the things I love about massage.


Receiving a massage can help a person stay in tune with their body. We can be clinching muscles, holding them tense and harboring soreness and not even know it or really be mindful of how we feel in our bodies. When we know where we are tight, then we know where we need to stretch and let loose. When we are mindful to our bodies, better caretakers of ourselves we can be. Know thyself, and to thine self be true.