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*Why Massage Therapy?

*What can I expect?

*What happens inside?

Why massage therapy?

In our stressful
world, we need to reserve some time for healing and for relaxation. Massage therapy is the cost effective and proven, safe intervention for conditions involving the body’s soft tissues, namely muscles tendons ligaments and fascia. 70% of the human body is composed of soft-tissue.

Today’s massage therapists are well trained and knowledgeable in human anatomy, body movement and mechanics, and pathophysiology. A skilled massage therapist knows the body, how to both assess and address what it may take to speed the bodies’ ability to heal itself.

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What can I expect?

A typical massage visit begins with an assessment. During this time, the client is
familiarized with the therapies being incorporated. The therapist also uses this time to find out a little of the client’s medical history. This evaluation is primarily done to ensure that no massage contraindications are present and help to formulate a treatment plan for those seeking massage therapy for remediation of complex and or simple soft-tissue ailments.

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What happens inside?

For some people, the thought of entering the massage room
may be a little intimidating.
Knowing exactly what happens helps to alleviate some of those

Dress:  Depending on your treatment plan or goals, you may be asked to undress to give access to the different areas of the body. Although effective treatments may be applied directly through light clothing, many myofascial and deep tissues of the body can only be assessed and further treated by direct touch. You will only be asked to undress to your comfort level, and you will be comfortably and safely draped at all times during the session. Most often, only the area being treated should need to be uncovered. For example, many of the athletes I work with find it most comfortable to change into a pair a running shorts and sports top for freedom of movement during assistive stretching of the shoulders and hips.

Your massage time:
Your time may include the use of moist heat therapy (perfect for soothing away daily
muscular aches and tension) and table massage (including facial/sinus, back, lower back,
abdomen, hips & glutes, arms,legs, hand and foot massage).

Products used are the finest in quality and also hypoallergenic to avoid any skin sensitivities.
I prefer to utilize only professional grade and organic massage therapy lotions, oils and creams. If you have any certain needs, preferences or products of choice, please feel free to discuss different options with your therapist.

*Please be aware that some
aromatic oils/essential oils may cause an allergic reaction or irritation. Make certain to inform your therapist of any possible
allergies you may have. 

MA# 48259 MM# 33642

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