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Beekeeping Fitness Professional Sports Massage Therapist on the Florida Gulf Coast. This site explores topics related to fitness, massage therapy, self-care, health and increasing health-span.

Rates and Appointments

Ready to schedule your appointment?  Appointments are available most days with some holidays being the exception.


Schedule Online: Massage Therapy By James

30 Minute Session-Focused session for “spot work”                           — $55

 60 Min. Relaxation Massage- Classical & Swedish Movements         — $80

 60 Min. Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage- Myofascial & Trigger Point Release  –$80

 60 Minute Sports Massage- Integrated sports medicine approach for sport/activity specific Recovery, Training and Flexibility. (May include manual therapy, stretching and active mobility) –$80

 1.5 Hr- Any session 90 minute duration –$110

2 Hour- Any session 120 minute duration –$150

Chair and On-site Massage, Pre and Post Event Sports Massage    

Want to increase buzz at your upcoming event or at your place of business???

Call today for quotes on In-Office or On-Site Event Massage Therapy

MA# 48259 MM# 33642

Schedule Online: Massage Therapy By James

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