Your local massage therapist

I am an independent massage practitioner, NOT a spa.

I don’t do facials or skin exfoliating treatments etc. If you have muscle pain, stiffness or soreness you have come to the right place.

I practice both proven, classical massage techniques and myofascial bodywork techniques. I do my best to keep current on evidence-based, orthopedic, sports, and integrative medical practices.

You won’t find me doing voodoo or waving healing crystals, but some people swear my massage works like magic.

Massage therapy is what I do for a living (to pay the electric bill, mortgage, buy groceries). Although this small business will not make me rich, I can wake up each day and affirm “I am rich”. I am rich because the people in my life are a treasure and pleasure to serve.

I am a male massage therapist. It is estimated 80% of massage therapists in the Untied States are female; get this, a century ago it was just the opposite. Nonetheless, I am not creepy. The massage therapy I practice consists of non-sexual, safe touch; it is involves respectfully working with people. Excellent customer service has little to do with gender but is built upon professional communication and trustworthiness.
I am committed to taking the best care of myself. That means, treating my body as a temple, living a health focused lifestyle, so that I can provide the same consistent massage care for decades to come. Safe recreation, exercise and nutritious eating remain the best health investment a person can make.

Thank you for supporting me, your local massage therapist.

In Massage Therapy and a Healthier World,
James Fritschle



Trigger Points, what they are and how to be rid of them.

1) What are “Trigger Points”?? In short, they are painful areas found in tight muscle bands. 2) How does one take care of Trigger Points? They can be massaged by a skilled therapist and also self-treatment is highly recommended. For further information, check out this well done video by http://www.triggerpointcentral.com


One of the things I love about massage.


Receiving a massage can help a person stay in tune with their body. We can be clinching muscles, holding them tense and harboring soreness and not even know it or really be mindful of how we feel in our bodies. When we know where we are tight, then we know where we need to stretch and let loose. When we are mindful to our bodies, better caretakers of ourselves we can be. Know thyself, and to thine self be true.