Update from April Flooding

As many of you know, my office space downtown had about three feet of flash flood water damage early morning Wednesday morning April 30. My office mates and I  were fortunate to get into the office that same morning after the waters quickly receded to quickly begin the clean up. As of last week, the building has been gutted of the damaged  carpet, drywall, and insulation and allowed to dry for several weeks before drywall and painting has begun. There has been a back order on certain building materials locally, but we expected to be moving back in this coming weekend after six weeks of being displaced. In the interim I have been doing home and office visits for my long time clients.

Thank you to everyone for your gracious support. My heart goes out to everyone who has had flood damage to their homes here in the Pensacola area. I am also so very fortunate to share an office space with two inspiring massage therapists, Dawn Yarborough and Susie Hastings. Both these ladies know how to roll up their sleeves, take life as it comes and meet it with resilience. After we get settled back in,  I hope we can do a open house or grand reopening celebration.

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