Sports Massage or Sports Massage Therapist

Most massage businesses and massage school programs offer and teach a basic “massage routine” that way any massage therapist can offer “sports massage” on the list of services or spa offerings. However, a sports massage therapist works with athletes to specifically address the unique stresses of each particular sport and the unique needs of each individual athlete.


James has dedicated his career to the study of the sport-specific massage  techniques, biomechanics and the care of athletes.

At Massage Therapy by James Fritschle, a sports massage session is not a routine. Each session starts with an assessment, active movement evaluation and is specifically designed to work with the training period and event schedule of each individual athlete.

Both mental and physical “down time” are invaluable for athletes. The high stress of competition and travel can be managed with help from a skilled sports massage therapist.  Evidence based, sports massage techniques are used to help with stress and sore muscles, but also sports massage can support athletes with techniques that:

  • increase lung capacity/ VO² Max,
  • avoid common injuries
  • improve body awareness, posture and sport specific form
  • enhance muscle and soft tissue repair
  • speed down-time from sports injuries    

You may see me providing pre and post race support at local and southeast region races and triathlons. James has extensive experience working with professional sports teams, NFL, ATP Tennis and AVP Volleyball, Golf, Pro & MLB Baseball, SEC Collegiate football, Rugby, Swim, Track and Field and Jr. and High School level and Age Group recreational athletes.

For over a decade, James has been an active member of the FSMTA Sports Massage Team and the Ironman™ Florida Sports Massage Team. He has had the honor to serve military, first responder, law enforcement tactical athletes. The biggest honor has been the invitation to work with wounded combat veterans and training camps for Invictus, Warrior Games, and Paralympic  athletes.

In 2009, James Fritschle was awarded the Sports Massage Therapist of the Year for Emerald Coast Chapter FSMTA.



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