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Who is Massage Buzz?

Massage Buzz is James A. Fritschle, LMT located in Pensacola, Florida. James has been practicing massage therapy for 7 yrs. With several years of experience as a Chiropractic Assistant, James is thoroughly versed in sports injury therapy and deep tissue work. Currently, James is a member of the 12th Avenue Massage Group, located in the heart of historic Pensacola.

12th Avenue Massage Therapy Group
2100 N 12th Ave Pensacola, Fl 32503

My current office hours are:
Mon.-Fri. 9am to 11:30am and Saturdays 9am-5pm.

By appointment (850)485-0552

Gift Certificates available!

MA# 48259 MM# 9764

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Massage Research

Here is a link to one the leading massage research institutes.

Touch Research

Although massage research is lacking in mainstream US, likely b/c of financial incentives. Most of the doctors and therapists involved volunteer their time and give their services to the cause. Many people know that massage is more than a luxury.

I will be sure to pass on valid studies when I come across them.

Be Well.

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Blue Angel Buzz

On Site/Chair massage is the main way I get out in the community and spread the good news of the benefits of massage. Although a good hour session can’t compare to a ten minute pick me up massage, the benefits really show on the smiling faces of those having just received a brief back massage. Ahhhhhh stress-break.


One of my associates, Sue Shannahan LMT, and I had the opportunity last week to help out at a health fair. The technical aircraft crews of Pensacola NAS(home of the Blue Angels) and Whiting Field NAS (helicopter-craft “low and slow” training field). The crimpt-up necks and tired backs of computer workers and jet engine tweekers got some much needed attention. And you wouldn’t believe it; right inside the hanger bays with the “blue and gold” F18’s parked right behind us, we set up our massage chairs in awe.


Woo hoo! I really love this job. I get to work “hands on” with the most amazing people and way interesting places. Soon it will be the governor’s mansion, then maybe I do a little work at the White House.

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WIC-ked Massage

Monday was “Spa Day” at the Escambia County WIC Department. The director, Versilla Turner, planned a brief get away in one the clinics conference rooms to pamper the hard working hands and tired backs of the dietitians and staff. Manicure, chair massages, and rejuvenating music were in order to soothe away the days. The Spa Day was put together to sort of kick off the WIC Dept.’s quarterly planning meeting where they put their heads and hearts together to consider how they might serve our area’s women and young children better.