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Benefits of Massage- Board of Massage Therapy

Here is a brief article on the benefits of massage from FSMTA’s , Florida State Massage Association’s, new “interweb site”. I believe this article was originally produced by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. The Fl Board of MT helps regulate professional/ medical licenses issued by the FL Department of Health. FSMTA is celebrating 70 years this year organizing and bettering the profession for the public and its practitioners. In my humble opinion Florida is one of the best places worldwide to give and receive massage therapy.

Be blessed!

Massage Therapy is a proven and effective means of relaxation and stress relief. Therapeutic massage is increasingly being recommended by doctors and other health care professionals to complement traditional medicine as research proves its healing effects.

Here are some of the ways massage can help improve a person’s health:

* Increases Blood Circulation and Lymph Flow

* Reduces Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

* Reduces Stress and Tension

* Relieves Chronic and Temporary Pain

* Improves Flexibility

* Increases Levels of Serotonin, Protecting Against Depression

* Increases Endorphins, the Body’s Natural Painkillers

* Strengthens the Immune System

* Premature Infants Gain Weight Faster When Massaged

* Prevents Sports Injuries And Increases Athletic Performance

* Helps Relieve Tension, Sinus And Migraine Headaches

* Alleviates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Asthma, Bronchitis, Arthritis and more

A valid Massage Therapy License issued by the Department of Health is required to provide massage therapy in the state of Florida. If you suspect someone is practicing Massage Therapy without a license or at an unlicensed establishment, please report this unsafe and illegal activity by calling (toll free) 1-877-HALT-ULA. You can confirm someone’s license by searching on the Board of Massage Therapy’s License Verification Screen


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Massage Therapy Foundation

A friend and fellow massage therapist asked me the other day, “If there was one thing I could change about the massage industry what would it be?”

My short answer… I would like to see more widely published research on the efficacies of massage therapy. Little did I know (oh young grasshopper) that there is a research and education foundation that has been in existence for at least 18yrs. No doubt, I have read articles and books produced in some way by the non-profit organization, The Massage Therapy Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to bring the benefits of massage to the broadest spectrum of society…

The web site is fantastic, a well of knowledge for all.

Check it out…Better yet, Support It… “everyone needs a cause and a good back massage”.

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Massage Research

Here is a link to one the leading massage research institutes.

Touch Research

Although massage research is lacking in mainstream US, likely b/c of financial incentives. Most of the doctors and therapists involved volunteer their time and give their services to the cause. Many people know that massage is more than a luxury.

I will be sure to pass on valid studies when I come across them.

Be Well.