Therapy in the Dark…

Last night, we were discussing with a friend her recent massage experience. Now, she’s a no-nonsense kind of gal who thinks aromatherapy and ambient music are too frilly. It has been great talking to her because we have gained an insight into other folks’ massage preferences.

Anyway, back to her recent experience. She looked at us with questioning, skeptical eyes and said: Is it normal for the therapist to turn off all the lights during the massage?

Asking for clarification, we felt sure that she meant the lights were merely dimmed to enhance relaxation. No, she insisted, the room was pitch black!

That’s a new one to us. James is continually reading new therapies and generally stays abreast of the current trends and modalities in massage therapy. However, total darkness sounds odd. Let me elaborate to say that this visit with this particular therapist was an initial session and no advance warning was given to the lights being extinguished. Our friend was fairly uncomfortable and did not wish to ever repeat the experience.

Does anyone out there have experience with this form of therapy? How is it better than merely dimming the lights? How do you soothe a client’s apprehensions of therapy in the dark?

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