blue angels, massage, Pensacola

Blue Angel Buzz

On Site/Chair massage is the main way I get out in the community and spread the good news of the benefits of massage. Although a good hour session can’t compare to a ten minute pick me up massage, the benefits really show on the smiling faces of those having just received a brief back massage. Ahhhhhh stress-break.


One of my associates, Sue Shannahan LMT, and I had the opportunity last week to help out at a health fair. The technical aircraft crews of Pensacola NAS(home of the Blue Angels) and Whiting Field NAS (helicopter-craft “low and slow” training field). The crimpt-up necks and tired backs of computer workers and jet engine tweekers got some much needed attention. And you wouldn’t believe it; right inside the hanger bays with the “blue and gold” F18’s parked right behind us, we set up our massage chairs in awe.


Woo hoo! I really love this job. I get to work “hands on” with the most amazing people and way interesting places. Soon it will be the governor’s mansion, then maybe I do a little work at the White House.

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